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6 ways using Facebook marketing to promote your products and services:

  1. Create a Facebook Fanpage.

Your Facebook page is your business, creating a page where you can post your products by reaching your target audience is important, your page has to reflect with your personal brand by having your website url, business hours, so your followers can see what your business is about, give them ways to check out your company, and communicate with you effectively. Creating a great company logo to put on your Facebook profile which helps people connect with your business also helps, think simplicity always.

2. Sharing Content.

To get more followers to your Fan page you have to post consistent content to get new followers, wether it be through visuals or a short video clip about who you are behind the scenes, what your business is about, and what it represents is also very important, think of creating your business as a brand story which is used as effective marketing in today’s world through all social media platforms which will help drive new customers to your business. Using Facebook insights will give you information about your followers, wether they’re  male/female, ages, and other information it’s a tool that helps you track their likes/dislikes it can ultimately help you understand how to promote to them effectively.


3. Start Building Connections.

Using some traditional marketing can help grow your business so by giving out your business cards to people, company hours, few company flyers, advertising your website url with Facebook marketing so customers can connect with you easier. Using the Facebook Audience tool to target your specific Facebook Audience makes it easier to promote your products to the correct audience so you can get the right visitors to your Facebook Fan page, and opting those customers to through your email list is very important, so you can promote future products to those buyers will help you make new sales for your business, and create more connections through post sharing, email listing, and even word of mouth which is great.


4. Engaging with Your Followers.

It’s not enough to create content and posting it out to your followers, you have to be consistently engaging with them in order for your followers to stay with your business in the long term. If they have questions you have to be able to answer them back within a professional timely manner, also consistently ask them questions through your posts, and video content as well. Sharing quality content updating your customers about 2 about times a week with Facebook Status updates. Update your customers on future products, so they can always be looking forward to something new on your Fan page at least 1-2 times a day keeping them engaged.


5. Leveraging Your Friends Fans.


The key way to get your Fan Page to grow exponentially is by getting your Fans to share your posts with their other friends on Facebook. More people will subscribe to your Fan page if their friends are already using your Page to connect with you using your products and services. Using polls on Facebook that asks viewers questions that gets them to interact with you, encouraging your customers to share your posts giving them a discount on your products/services if you get new customers to your Fan Page, creating special events, limited time promotions, and giveaways to promote your Fan Page will give you advantage to getting new potential followers on your Fan Page, and Business customers.


6. Considering using Facebook Ads.

Facebook offers traditional paid advertising marketing your products on other people’s Facebook news feeds that can convert to a lot of business for your company. Putting a URL on your Product Ad that gets those people to click on your website to buy your products. Using Facebook’s analytical tool to understand your Ad interests to the people your promoting to drive interests, and sales.


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The 3 basic types of photography exposure are underexposure, overexposure, and manual exposure.

Underexposure defined: Taking a photograph when the photo comes out known as “washed out” dark, muddy, and a lot of lost shadows within almost the entire photo would be considered an underexposed picture.

Overexposure: Taking a photograph when the photo comes out as too bright, effectively all white also known as “blow out highlights”, and “clipped whites” the photo would then be overexposed.

Manual exposure: When a photographer is taking photos’s in manual exposure he would adjust the lens aperture, and shutter speed of the camera to produce photo’s that decrease  motion blur, and reduce depth of fields in the photo.


Shooting with raw pictures is better than shooting with jpeg pictures because it allows photographers to have more control in higher editing of the entire photo. The main reason raw files are better with editing than jpeg files are because raw files hold pixel density which is about 12-14 bits of data per pixel than shooting jpeg which only holds 8 bits of data per pixel. Shooting with jpeg files the first thing the camera does is throw out a bunch of picture information such as shooting with raw files their isn’t any “compressed” or lost information when the photo is being captured.


Rule Of Third Photography:

Understanding the rule of third in photography is critical to taking a great photo, however the rule of third means composing photos, paintings, films, visual images, and overall designs. When shooting photos with the rule of third really helps with centering the photo to take a better shot than just trying to center the camera for shot. Overall when shooting with the rule of third the camera needs to output 2 equally spaced horizontal lines, 2 equally spaced vertical lines that acts like a grid to help center photos when taken.


What I have learned about photography is that it’s very parallel to graphic design in general. From my understanding as a graphic designer a person needs to have really great typography, clear quality images, skill in logo designing, and basic drawing skills in order to be successful in the graphic design industry. Designing is great because as an artist you then get to share with other artists your work with them, ask questions, and model the people that are very successful even if you’re a beginner because it helps you to become a better graphic designer by learning from the top performers in the world.

Converted Files (PDF format)

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OCP-D,  Adobe Acrobat DC word, excel, powerpoint, and png image files all converted into PDF file reading format.

Screenshot assignment.


100% of 3 languages completed on Code academy, newer languages to be completed soon…


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Javascript (Second Quiz)

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A- 90%

A+ 100%

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GNU Project article.

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The Gnu project software was created so people can use A program that is “free” for people that wanted to use A Operating system program that didn’t need passwords, people can manipulate the program whoever they wanted, where people can share the program to as many users as they’d like to. Richard Stallman started the GNU project philosophy with “Open Source code” which is why that phrase became A popular term as it is today, and gave 1980’s programers the idea to create “free programs” in open source code software. Richard had given up on his Gnu project due to Bill Gates success with Microsoft windows x operating system that had begun to get really popular by many users, programers became to develop programs for Microsoft. In 1985 Richard started to re create the entire program by building the compiler of the code all over again, he was able to create the Linux free software not just so it can be “free” for users but so they can create that software so the people can use the Linux operating system at home if they weren’t able to get Microsoft x for example. What made the Linux software very popular was when Richard, his team, other computer programmers were able to build “rich” creative websites with open source code, and which came into effect the famous “Apache server” which collaborated with the Linux OS , people were able to build A computer with an operating system 5 times faster than all the other softwares at the time for A fraction of the price.